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5 Steps to a Custom Website

We make it easy to have an affordable modern website.




1.  Define your requirements  

Before you get started let's determine where you want to end up. We explore what you want out a website, consider every capability and provide ideas you may not have considered.

2.  Create sample designs

We provide sample layouts and theme ideas based on your requirements to create your website personality. From colors, fonts, page styles and imagery the design framework will highlight your brand message.

3.  Build the website

With design concepts finalized, we make adjustments, merge your content into the site framework and activate a mobile version. User navigation is activated and links are enabled as required.

4.  Edit on-screen drafts

You'll have access to what seems to be the finished product but only in draft form. Taking nothing to chance, we go through several edits to ensure perfection and allow for that eventual change of mind.

5.  Connect your URL and publish

We load your keywords, create user-friendly page names, provide page descriptions (all behind the scene) and connect your site with Google so you can begin to be found on-line.

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