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Video Marketing

grab attention faster, create more interest, exploit your differentiation, open more meaningful sales conversations ... and grow revenue!

We Bring Your Value Proposition to Life

We transform your value proposition into an engaging story with compelling animated and live videos. Your brand stands out, your message gets more interesting and easier to understand while getting it in front of more prospects.

Adoption of marketing videos has exploded, all for good reasons. Not only are they economical and cost effective, videos are a great content marketing tool to grab the attention of decision makers, make your message more memorable, and separate you in a crowded market.

Capture Attention and Create Interest

Capturing attention in an information-overloaded world is becoming more and more difficult. Standing out from competitors to create interest in your company, product is even harder. In any case, the step is getting noticed. Videos are more engaging than a static image, and far more effective than text.

video camera icon longW.png

1 minute


is worth over

1.8 million words

59% of senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they prefer to watch the video.                                                                                              Forbes

Video Messaging Formats

When it comes to video messaging, formatting options and combinations are plentiful. We consider every aspect about your story and target audience in helping you select the most effective format.

Animation combined with text, audio, graphics, and voice-over to unfold your story in an entertaining format to keep viewers' attention.

In-studio or in-field action edited and blended with graphics, titles, and audio supported by live narration or voice over.

Message unfolds  on a blank canvas  keeping viewer's attention with the motion of creating graphics and text along with add-in audio.

Turn your message into an interesting story using video messaging

Ninety-one percent of B2B buyers prefer more interactive and visual content  ... 

                                                                                                                Content Preference Survey

Learn why video marketing is so powerful

Start getting more out of you demand generation programs

Open more sales conversations and get more prospects

See how to start putting content marketing to work

Avoid the most common inbound marketing obstacles

Bring your value proposition to life and fill the sales funnel

Don't let Blind Spots sabotage your go to market plans

10 reasons to start using animated messaging

Our Comprehensive Process

A Creative Approach to Video Messaging


We evaluate the highest impact value elements and strategize to strengthen your message impact


We dig into your core message to validate and tune for maximum effectiveness


We test a draft version making changes and adjustments before final publishing


We map out the story line, develop a script and layout scenes that capture attention and engages the target audience


We design the approach and bring the story to life using video and  animation tools


We prepare a usage plan for hosting and for distribution

We help you strengthen your value proposition

When it comes to marketing videos, the most important thing to remember is that they must have impact and be relevant to the target audience. That's why we do the necessary due diligence before getting started. We bring over 40 years of sales and marketing insights and messaging best practices into your organization. You'll receive recommendations and new ideas to strengthen your value proposition in addition to bringing it to life.






Message Retention is 8X Greater with video messaging

Getting Started:


There are a lot of factors that come into play.  We'll be the first to tell you that animation is not right for every situation. 


Before you get started, take these five simple steps to determine if animated messaging is a good investment.

No .01

Understand what you can and can't do using video techniques and how it works
No .02

Define your objectives and what messaging gaps you are trying to fill
No .03

Determine how the video asset would be used, who would use it, and when would it be used
No .04

Identify what channels of distribution are available to you and assess their effectiveness
No .05

Evaluate message strength of video content and story-line options you could use

  • 75% of business executives watch work-related videos weekly

  • Visual data is processed 60 thousand times faster than text

  • 1/3 of all on-line activity is spent watching video

  • 200-300% increase in email click-through rates

  • YouTube is the worlds' 2nd largest search engine

... and it doesn't have to cost a bundle !

Interesting facts about marketing videos

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